Scenic Choir

Workshop 6


Working with simple exercises in Presence, Listening, Stage Awareness, Body Language, Communication, Creativity, Musical Dramaturgy, finding greater stage security, both in the individual choir singer, and in the choir as a whole.

With many people in a choir on stage, it’s so easy to believe that you are not visible.
When every person in a choir takes responsibility, leaving their private self to become scenically aware, miracles happen.

 We will work with questions like:

  • what we want to express with our choir concert
  • how are we going to achieve that 
  • how we can easily weave choral music together with movements and lyrics and create a scenic choir performance.

Anci Hjulström (SE)


  • Kyrie – Per Störby
  • Sanctus – Karl Jenkins
  • Come Along – Berg/Svensson