Nordklang Evergreens

Workshop 4


When planning this workshop, we have looked through all the former Nordklang Songbooks and now we have chosen some of the very best songs for you. We will present one song from each of the participating Nordic countries; Iceland, Faroe Island, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.
The songs are ranging from easy to middle with regard to difficulty and therefore we are sure to get a good musical result rather quickly. There is great variation in the repertoire and you will work with both beautiful, charming, swinging and humorous songs, which we hope will be very exciting.
Making good music in a relaxed atmosphere is our goal and  you are most welcome to join us.
Gardar and Robert

Garðar Cortes (IS) and Robert Sund (SE)


  • Ég veit þú kemur – Oddgeir Kristjánsson
  • Einki er sum summarkvøld – H. J. Højgaard
  • Pål sine høner – Norwegian folk song
  • I denna ljuva sommartid – Anders Öhrwall
  • To be or not to be – Leo Mathisen
  • Det är vackrast när det skymmer – Kaj-Erik Gustafsson