Male Choir

Workshop 3


This workshop is for every male singers who’d like to sing together with other men in a big male choir!

In the workshop we will work with different pieces for male choirs. There will be a couple of easy pieces to both perform and learn, such as Lullabye by Billy Joel, along with some traditional Norwegian songs that most of the male choirs in Norway know and sing every 17. May.

Beside that, you will get to know the central feature of the classical Indian music tradition, raga. The raga is quite interesting, and in India they have around 1000 raga. This one is not that famous, but the singers will work with their rhythmical sense and feeling. Marit will also teach you a lot about vocal techniques in choir.

Marit Tøndel Bodsberg Weyde (NO)


  • Drunken Sailor – Sailors song
  • Pål sine høner – Norwegian folk song
  • Lullabye (Good Night, My Angel) – Billy Joel
  • Norges Fjeld – Halfdan Kjerulf
  • Ramkali Raga – From India