Here’s to the North

Workshop 5


There’s something about the Nordic countries – the nature, the weather, the cold, the dark winters, the atmosphere….
From an artistic point of view it is extremely inspiring!
No wonder so many great musicians these days originate from the Nordic countries.

In this workshop we will sing some beautiful and catchy pop songs from Iceland, Greenland and Denmark – in new original choir arrangements. We will celebrate the music as well as the nature of the Nordic countries – and through singing we will try to inspire people to take good care of our shared nature and environment.

In the workshop we will work on the musical details while singing, and improve our vocal technique as well as our joint musical expression.
Saturday we will finish with a powerful performance accompanied by some great musicians.

Line Groth (DK)


  • Trust – Ásgeir Trausti
  • League of Light – Julie & Nina
  • Leap of Faith – Alex Hauer, Thuy My Pham og Christopher Lund Nissen
  • Dreams – Jonah Blacksmith