About Nordklang

What is Nordklang?

Nordklang is a nordic choral festival, organised every three years in the nordic countries since 1971. The festival usually gathers around 700-900 participants, internationally renowned choir conductors and workshop leaders as well as choirs and vocal ensembles from all over the Nordic region. The program includes various workshops to choose from, concerts with both participating choirs and choirs from the host country, open-singing, opening ceremony and a final closing concert where all the participants will perform what they’ve practiced in the workshops.

Participants get to explore a variety of choral genres, such as rhythmic, classical, folk music, improvisational and more. The Nordklang festival provide new knowledge and inspiration to bring home. 

Where and when?

June 29 – July 2 2022, Nordklang will take place for the 18th time. The festival is held in Reykjavík, Iceland for the first time in its history. The organiser in 2022 is Landssamband blandaðra kóra-LBK (The Association of Mixed Choirs in Iceland) and Félag íslenskra kórstjóra-FÍK (Association of Icelandic Choral Conductors).

Reykjavík University is the main festival location, where workshops, lunch, lunch concerts and open-singing will take place.  Beautiful Reykjavík offers the perfect setting for this festival with a lot of possibilities of great tourist experience before and after the festival. 

Who is it for?

Nordklang is for everyone who likes singing in a choir! Both individuals and whole choirs can participate. Whole choirs get the opportunity to perform their own short concert during the festival. Please contact the organisers to arrange the concert time and place.
When signing up as a whole choir, the singers needs to register one by one and pay the participation fee individually.


The workshops

Nordklang festival include nine high-quality workshops and each participant chooses one workshop to take part in. All workshops focus on introducing innovations in the field, such as new methods of performing and staging choral music, new arrangements of folk songs, singing and dancing folk songs, improvisation and new methods for warm-ups. The workshops are intended to appeal to participants of all genders and ages with a wide range of interests.

What’s the price and what is included?

The general participation fee is 39.000 ISK. The fee for participants born in 1997 or later is 17.000 ISK.
Fee includes:

  • Workshop’s participation
  • Warm-ups and voice improvisation
  • Songbook and Open singing
  • Access to digital sheet music and sound files
  • Evening and lunch concerts
  • Opening ceremony and refreshments
  • Lunch (Thursday and Friday)
  • Coffee, tea and water during breaks
  • Final reception with light refreshments

Do not miss the chance to meet fellow choir singers, participate in high-quality workshops and hear world class choir-singing!