Nordisk koncertkor from Nuuk Greenland participates in Nordklang

It’s an honor to welcome Nordisk koncertkor from Nuuk in Greenland to Nordklang festival in Iceland.

Nordisk koncertkor, is a four-part mixed choir and counts approx. 35 members aged 20-65 years. The choir sings both classical and rhythmic music in many different languages. Greenland has a proud choirtradition and the choir is happy to add classical music to the country‘s singing traditions. The Nordic community is also the heart of Nordisk koncertkor and we like crossing bridges as it is a natural part of the choir‘s DNA.

The Nordisk koncertkor often seeks new paths and productions in combination with or as a supplement to the classical singing tradition. The choir has severel times representet Nuuk with very well attented concerts during the Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival and recently they celebrated 15 years anniversary with a concert i Katuaq, in collaboration with professional musicians from Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Danmark.

The choir‘s conductor, Bente Colding-Jørgensen, has previously lived in Nuuk, but now lives in Copenhagen, where she teaches at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. In her work with Nordisk koncertkor, Bente comes to a rehearsal weekend in Nuuk every or every other month.

Nordisk koncertkor is looking forward to participate in Nordklang 2022 and will work actively to pass on the new knowledge from Nordklang to their local music environment when they come home from Iceland.

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