Tórshavnar Kamarkór joins Nordklang

We are pleased to announce that Tórshavnar Kamarkór will join the Nordklang festival this summer.Their conductor, Bernharður Wilkinson, is also one of the workshop leader in the festival. Tórshavnar Kamarkór sings f.x. new Faroese music and they won the prize “Best performance” at the Faroese Choir Festival three years in a row, from 2015-2017.They will … Read more

Nordisk koncertkor from Nuuk Greenland participates in Nordklang

It’s an honor to welcome Nordisk koncertkor from Nuuk in Greenland to Nordklang festival in Iceland. Nordisk koncertkor, is a four-part mixed choir and counts approx. 35 members aged 20-65 years. The choir sings both classical and rhythmic music in many different languages. Greenland has a proud choirtradition and the choir is happy to add … Read more

Registration is open!

To register please click on the red button in the main menu. A registration page will open and ask for all necessary information.To book a hotel, you’ll find some suggested hotels in the Hotel menu. There you can find direct links to book the hotel you prefer. However you can reserve the hotel room later. If … Read more